Delivery ward

Delivery ward

Welcome to BB Stockholm; delivery ward, specialist prenatal care and postpartum clinic at Danderyd’s Hospital

INFORMATION ON COVID-19 (new corona virus)
If you think you or your child may have been infected with the new virus Covid-19, please call 1177 for advice on what to do.

Are you not sick but have general questions about Covid-19? Call the national information number 113 13.  

Information about the disease covid-19 is available in different languages on The Public Health Agency of Sweden's website. The information is in the format of PDF.

Upon contact with us at start of birth, you will be asked about any symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection such as cough and fever. If you are home due to suspicion of Corona virus infection, you should contact your midwife and inform about this. This also applies if you have confirmed infection.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all new parents and children will be sent home six hours after the child's birth. Exceptions apply to women who have had a cesarean section or suffered other complications in connection with childbirth and cases where the child requires special care and care.

At BB Stockholm, we want to help reduce the spread of infection and concern for Covid - 19. We have therefore decided that the woman giving birth can be accompanied by only one (1) person of support as well as a Doula at the delivery ward. They cannot show any signs of respiratory infection or fever, and must have been free of symptoms for at least 48 hours before arrival.


Almost 4000 babies are born each year at BB Stockholm. Giving birth is a unique and momentous experience in life. All births are different. We want you to feel safe when it is time for you to give birth, irrespective of who you are. The care we provide is therefore influenced by your own experiences and wishes.

We welcome all pregnant patients, both those who have had a complicated pregnancy requiring hospitalization and those with a completely uncomplicated pregnancy.

You are welcome when it is time to give birth!

Phone numbers

Delivery ward: 08 - 123 578 88
Specialist prenatal care around the clock: 08 - 123 570 20


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