För information om hur vi hanterar Covid-19, läs mer under Aktuellt på startsidan.
When you discover that you are pregnant, you are welcome to contact us. To schedule an appointment please call 08-120 555 00.

INFORMATION ABOUT COVID-19 (new corona virus)
If you suspect that you or your child may have been infected with Covid-19, please call 1177 for advice.

If you have general questions about Covid-19, please call 113 13 for information.  

Information about covid-19 is available in different languages on The Public Health Agency of Sweden's website.

Do not come to the clinic if you have symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection such as coughing, sneezing or fever. If you have confirmed Covid-19 infection, you should contact your midwife.

We try to minimize the number of visitors at the midwifery clinic. One additional person is allowed to accompany you.

Swedish maternity health care

In Sweden uncomplicated pregnancies are cared for by licensed midwives who have a professional education of about 4.5 years. We have excellent statistics on maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in Sweden. Swedish midwives have a high level of medical competence and training and independently care about the pregnant woman, her partner and the baby. They have a close team work with the clinic's obstetricians. We believe this comes across in the visits to our antenatal clinics and we provide continuity with the same midwife throughout your appointments as far as it’s possible.

If you come from a country where antenatal care may be provided for in a different way, it is important that you know how our Swedish care is organized and feel comfortable with the care that you are provided. You will see your midwife approximately 8-9 times during a normal pregnancy. During the first visit, the midwife will ask about your health and if there is anything in your medical or obstetric history that we need to know about. If needed, you will be referred to see an obstetrician at the maternity clinic.

In Sweden, antenatal care is optional and so is fetal diagnostics. Usually 1-2 ultrasounds are made during a normal pregnancy, more if needed. Tests and checks are made according to national guidelines and individual needs. Maternity care and infant healthcare and delivery is free of charge if you are a resident.  All midwives speak english but if you wish to have a professional interpreter, please let us know when you book your appointment.


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